Legal Translation in Dubai – How To Choose?

Legal Translation in Dubai – How To Choose?

If you are looking to buy a house or get a job in Dubai you will need the services for a legal translator. This is because the entire government system of Dubai runs on Arabic and if your documents are in English or any other language, they will not be accepted for processing. This is why people look for legal translation Dubai online and find them extremely expensive. Despite the expense, the translation you get is of very low quality and creates confusion for the government representative. These translators also take a great amount of time in translating your document and you end up missing due dates.

So, in short, you have spent a lot on a local translation company to get your documents through and not just it created further confusion, it also delayed your legal process. Is it worth all the trouble? Wouldn’t it have been great if you could have a reliable translation company at hand who could do a great job at translating your documents and get back to you in a short time duration? This is why when you are looking for translation companies online you should pay particular attention to the following things.


There are many different kinds of translation companies and they all have one speciality. Some specialise in legal translation services in Dubai, others simply offer you basic translation of news articles. Some companies are great at translating websites and online content. This is why when you are choosing a translation company in Dubai you should ensure that they specialize in the services you are looking for. Otherwise it will be a waste of time and money.

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Time taken to translate a document is important as it can break or make your case. Usually it happens that you get a great translation when it’s too late. This delays your legal process and also causes frustration. The best you can do is to get another date and apply again. There are companies offering legal translation services in Dubai that deliver you work within one day. You should consider them if you are in a hurry.


Your documents are important and should be kept private. They should never get in the wrong hands or to someone who is trying to take advantage of the situation. This is why you should ensure that your translator promises confidentiality of your information and store them in a secure place.

Customer service:

When you reach out to a translation company, notice how the customer service deals with you. If they are good and helpful, you can be pretty sure that the company will be likewise. If you are having a bad experience with the customer service, it is a straight sign that you should look for another company.

Ask for a sample:

You can also ask for a sample of the translation work from the company but you won’t be able to do much with it if you don’t know Arabic. If you have a friend who speaks Arabic language, he/she can help you a lot in this regard.

These were the ways you can choose a good translation company in Dubai. We hope they were helpful to you.


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