A visitor’s guide to the best seafood restaurants in Dubai in 2021

A visitor’s guide to the best seafood restaurants in Dubai in 2021

Dubai is more than jaw dropping luxuries and sky high buildings, it is host to several nationalities and ethnicities and one thing you are sure to find in such a diverse place is a wide variety of delicious food. You could have your differences with whether you want to grab a quick bite of some local street food or want to enjoy a full fledge meal in a proper setting at a restaurant, but one thing there is no shortage of in Dubai, it’s mouthwatering food. 

If you are a foodie in Dubai who fancies some delicious seafood then you might want to stick around as we list down the best seafood restaurants in Dubai that offer some of the finest seafood menus one can hope for. So without any further ado let’s delve into top seafood restaurants in Dubai.

The Maine 

Describing themselves as more than a restaurant, this home grown New England Brasserie has come a long way since its inception. The Maine combines passion for seafood with an impeccable ambience. Whether you are with friends or a special someone, you can always drive by to enjoy your favorite seafood. They have three different locations including JBR, Studio city and business bay so you won’t have to drive or take the bus halfway across the city and can go to your nearest location. 

Claw BBQ Crab Shack & Grill 

If you are in Souk Al Bahar and want to try out something different than your usual seafood menu then you should definitely visit Claw BBQ Crab Shack & Grill. Though the name seems a tad bit longer for one to remember but the restaurant literally serves a bucket full of seafood that would fill even the biggest of tummies while satisfying your seafood taste buds. The restaurant treats sports lovers with a 50-inch screen so they can enjoy their favorite sports along with delicious food.

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Aprons & Hammers 

Aprons & Hammers takes food experience to a whole new level and hands out aprons and hammers to its visitors to let them comfortably enjoy difficult seafood such as crabs, large prawns, oysters etc. They give their own spin to the famous seafood recipes with special herbs and secret ingredients. Even if you have friends or family who are not fan of seafood you can order something else for them as the restaurant also has a wide variety of vegetable and meat dishes in their menu.

Nut Crab Shack

If luxury and modern environment are what you prefer while dining out then Nut Crab Shack is a must visit. The restaurant has a friendly staff and extensive seafood menu to ensure that everyone can make the most of their visit.  Regardless if you like to enjoy your seafood with some delicious sauces or with mild spices, you are sure to find something that would appeal to your taste buds. 

Final words

Whether you are on a visit or live in Dubai, you should definitely visit these places as they have some of the top seafood restaurants Dubai has to offer.

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